• Rating:
  • Model:
  • Dryer Type:
  • Power:
    2000 W
  • Airflow:
    91 m3/h
  • Speed settings:
  • Temperature settings:
  • Cold air switch:
  • Nozzles included:
  • Power supply:
    220 V
  • Ionic technology:
  • Colour:
  • Cord length:
    3 m
  • Dual voltage 110-240 V:
  • Weight:
    580 gram

One of our bestsellers - Hair dryer TURBO 3400 XP, equipped  with professional Made in Italy motor. The hair dryer has a classic body with an ergonomic handle and well-balanced weight. 

TURBO 3400 XP is very powerful – up to 2200 W. Thanks to professional AC-motor, TURBO 3400 XP is capable to provide airflow of 91 m3. With such a powerful airflow and strong wattage, this model is perfect for routine daily work. The motor is protected by a removable filter, which snaps off easily, allowing instant cleaning. 

A central ionic generator allows an in-depth action of the millions of negative ions generated and decreases tension due to static electricity at the surface of the hair

2 concentrator nozzles attached (of 60 and 72 mm wide) allow flexibility in hair styling, and coldshot button drovides perfect finish of drying. 

Efficiency and power

Maximum power: 2200W

The air flow: 91.01 m3/h

Precision and flexibility

4 heating modes

2 speeds

2 nozzles

Coldshot button

Comfort and confidence

Cord length: 3 meters

2 nozzles attached (60 and 72 mm)

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