• Rating:
  • Model:
  • Plates coating:
  • Teeth height:
    2 mm
  • Teeth width:
    5.5 mm
  • Plates width:
    24 mm
  • Plates length:
    110 mm
  • Floating plates:
  • Max heating temperature:
    230 C
  • Temperature adjustment:
    130 - 230 C
  • Thermoregulator:
  • Power:
    40 W
  • Plates lock:
  • Swivel cord 360:
  • Power supply:
    220 V
  • Ionic technology:
  • Colour:
  • Cord length:
    2.5 m

Hair crimper LASER ION CRIMPER is a great innovative tool of TICO Professional range. Creates a defined crimped pattern for added volume and gives style and long-lasting texture in the hair. The unique crimper with ionic technology – this combination isn’t presented in any more professional tools manufacturers in the world! 

The effect of the operation is very clear, since the plates have rather sharp edges with a crimper step of 5.5 mm. It can be safely used to increase the volume of the hairstyle both on the roots and the length of hair, and the plates length of 110 mm allows working very fast.

The peculiarity of the model is not only the unique shape of the plates, but also the presence of the Laser Ion Technology system. This combination is not present at any manufacturer. The uniqueness of the Laser Ion system is that the negative ion generator propagates them like a beam, effectively saturating the hair with negative ions. The negative ions directly infuse onto the surface of the hair, resulting in your hair becoming soft, shiny and silky to touch, as well as being moisturised and in a healthy condition.

Heating plates are made of black ceramics, which make them smooth and hard-wearing to chemicals. The size of the plates is 110 x 24 mm and allows large hair patches to be processed at a time.

LASER ION CRIMPER is equipped with modern digital display with green backlight. It displays the selected operating mode of the device, which is adjustable from 130 to 230°C with a 10°C-step of 10 degrees. The plates heats up very quickly, less than 15 seconds, and throughout operation heating temperature is maintained very accurately, thanks to a modern temperature control system. It is worth noting the presence of a special lock, which fixes the plates in the folded state for more safe cooling and convenient transportation.


  • Power consumption 40 W
  • Crimping plates made of black ceramics
  • Crimping step of 5.5 mm
  • Digital control with LCD display
  • Temperature adjustment from 130 to 230°C
  • Professional 2.5 m swivel cord
  • Ionic Laser Ion technology
  • Plates lock