• Rating:
  • Model:
  • Coating:
  • Max heating temperature:
    230 C
  • Power:
    55 - 62 W
  • Temperature adjustment:
    150 - 230 C
  • Thermoregulator:
  • Power supply:
    220 V
  • Colour:
  • Cord length:
    2.5 m
  • Dual voltage 110-240 V:
  • Dimensions:
    29 x 5.8 x 4 cm

Hair straightening has never been so easy! TICO Professional presents forceps for leveling and combing hair - 3D BRUSH. This magnificent tool will give you real lightness in the process of straightening and combing your hair. The 3D BRUSH forceps can replace two devices - a straightener and a comb, while simultaneously leveling and combing the hair.

The peculiarity of the model 3D BRUSH is that it does not "pull" the hair. Heating plates cover the hair on both sides, and a special design will not allow you to transmit or injure your hair. You will never experience discomfort using the 3D BRUSH forceps.

The heating plate has a high-quality antistatic ceramic-tourmaline coating. The combination of ceramics and tourmaline has a good slip, as well as perfectly removes static from the hair, giving them softness and shine, as well as protecting them from moisture loss due to the negative ions released by tourmaline in the process.

The design of the heating plates is safe and functional. On the perimeter of the plate there are nylon bristles that protect the user against accidental contact with the heating plate. On the heating plate itself there are special teeth, between which the hair extends. The design of the forceps does not allow to pinch the hair, since it has a special limiter. Therefore, the device can be used for any hair - even the thickest.

Model 3D BRUSH has an electronic control with an LCD display on the handle. Flexible temperature mode from 150 to 230 ° C allows you to use the model with any type of hair. The temperature adjustment step is 10 ° C. The display also displays information about the heating or cooling of the device, so you always see the availability status of the tongs.

The keylock system implemented in the model will allow you to comfortably align the hair without fear of accidentally changing the set temperature or turning off the device. Simply hold down the "-" temperature decrease key and the lock icon will appear on the display.

Features of forceps for straightening hair 3D BRUSH (100214):

  • High-quality antistatic ceramic-tourmaline coating
  • Do not pull and do not cut hair
  • LED display for heating control from 150 ° C to 230 ° C
  • Professional rotating soft cord 2.5m
  • Power 55-62W
  • Button lock system