• Rating:
  • Model:
  • Coating:
  • Max heating temperature:
    230 C
  • Power:
    65 W
  • Temperature adjustment:
    120 - 230 C
  • Thermoregulator:
  • Power supply:
    220 V
  • Colour:
  • Cord length:
    2 m
  • Dual voltage 110-240 V:
  • Dimensions:
    32 x 58 x 45 mm

New from the popular brand TICO Professional - Cachalot SPA, which can surprise you with its efficiency and careful attitude to the hair. The model is an ideal solution for the most gentle and quick straightening of "crumpled" and even curly hair. If the traditional rectifier carries the risk of damaging your hair, then with the Cachalot SPA forceps (100215) you can not worry about the health of your hair.

The main feature of the tongs is the availability of the cold steam technology Ultrasonic Cool Mist, so your hair is moistened during straightening. When using a traditional straightener, hair can lose natural moisture, which can reduce the level of hair health. With the novelty of the Sperm Spa, you simultaneously straighten and moisturize your hair, thereby preserving their health. After straightening with forceps your hair becomes soft and obedient, and the hairdo is ideal.

The heating elements of the novelty have a coating of black ceramics, which has an ideal slip on the hair. The location of the heating teeth makes it easy to straighten even the thickest hair. The design provides effective straightening and unraveling the hair. There are no teeth in the center of the heating elements, which allows the generated steam to quickly moisten the hair while working with the forceps. At the edges of the heating plates there are bristles made of heat-resistant nylon, which help unravel the hair and at the same time protect the user from accidental contact with the heating element.

The Cachalot SPA model has a digital control with a built-in LCD display, which always displays the selected temperature mode. The temperature regulator allows you to set the temperature in the range from 120 to 230 degrees, which allows you to use forceps with any type of hair. The temperature regulation step is 5 degrees.

The control of the model is as simple as possible - the power button (also the temperature adjustment button) and the cold steam function on / off button (also the lock button). To lock the buttons, hold the steam key until the lock appears on the display.

To use steam forceps you will need distilled water. The container for water is removable and has a special retainer. To add water, you can remove the container or use a special pipette that comes with the kit.

The case of the model is made using high-quality heat-resistant plastic with a varnished coating. The design of the model is very bright and luxurious. There is also a forceps retainer, which allows you to lock the forceps in the folded form for easy storage and transportation. A rotating power cord with a length of 2 meters will add extra comfort when using the device.

Features of the model Cachalot SPA (100215):

  • Fast and gentle hair straightening
  • Suitable even for the thickest hair
  • Removes fluffiness
  • Very soft and docile hair after straightening
  • Ceramic heating elements
  • LCD display for temperature control
  • Temperature adjustment from 120 to 230 C0
  • Cold steam function Ultrasonic Cool Mist
  • Removable water container with lock
  • Ability to turn off steam
  • The system of blocking the buttons from accidental pressing
  • Rotating power cord 2 m long
  • Power 65 W