• Rating:
  • Model:
  • Colour:
  • Dual voltage 110-240 V:
  • Type of clipper:
  • Power type:
  • Battery type:
  • Type of motor:
  • Full charge time:
    90 min
  • Quick-change knife unit:
  • Blade width:
    44 mm
  • Battery life:
    60 min
  • Nozzles included:
    3, 6, 9 and 12 mm
  • Weight:
    135 grams

ZERO cord/cordless trimmer is an ergonomic and functional model of the TICO Professional BARBER SERIES. The model is characterized by excellent design and functionality.

The ZERO trimmer is equipped with a T-shaped stainless steel quick-detachable blade unit. The knife width is 46 mm and the minimum slice is 0.2 mm "zero overlap". The T-shaped blade unit allows one to easily perform precise work in the temporal zone, as well as to create a hair tattoo - such a knife is more versatile than the usual knife.

The trimmer can operate both cord and cordless. The model uses a Li-Ion battery that can be charged regardless of the residual charge level. Battery capacities are enough to ensure continuous operation of the trimmer for 60 minutes, and the time of full charge is 90 minutes.

This model is equipped with a rotary type DC motor with LONG LIFE TECHNOLOGY of extended lifetime. Processor power control of the motor is implemented, so the trimmer works the same regardless of the level of battery charge.

The ergonomic body of the model, made in a curved shape, ergonomically "lays" in the hand and allows you to work more precisely. On the case there are on / off button and the LED status indicator of the battery charge. The power adapter can operate from 100 to 240 volts.

Features of the ZERO GOLD model (100403GO):

  • Ergonomic body shape
  • Lightweight - 135 grams
  • Quick-detachable T-shaped knife block 44 mm wide
  • Minimum cut length 0.4 mm (0.2 mm "zero overlap")
  • Li-Ion battery
  • 60 minutes autonomy
  • Full charge 90 minutes
  • LED charge indicator


  • Trimmer
  • Power Adapter 110 - 240 V
  • Charging stand
  • Oil and brush
  • 4 nozzles for a hairstyle - 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm
  • Documentation