Electric curlers

Large waves or elegant little curls - electric rollers will help you in this aim without a doubt. Very fast heating and slow cooling are the key advantages of electric rollers over curling or ordinary hair curlers. Creating different hairstyles and experimenting with them has become much easier.

Many women are interested in questions about how to choose electric rollers. But there will not be many difficulties, because you need to decide on the diameter and material of which they are made. For example, in TICO Pro electric curlers, everything is already foreseen and thought out, as you acquire a professional tool from a well-known manufacturer in this direction.

The diameter of the curlers is important when used with short or long hair, and also affects the result of your work. Many experts claim that the curls will last longer if you use small diameters. However, a small diameter curler is not always suitable for long hair, and large for short. In any case, it is better to buy a set of electric rollers with different diameters. This will help you to make almost any curls and waves, regardless of the length and type of hair.

Another question is the material of curlers. But when buying professional hair curlers TICO Professional - you get only a quality product.

Professional electric curlers Roll'Up 24 (100011)

Professional electric curlers Roll'Up 24 (100011)

Electric rollers Roll'UP 24 from TICO professional. Curlers of 3 diameters help to create volumetric hair styling from curls, curls and curls.Product Features:Power 400 WOn / Off buttonStorage area for clampsHeating indicator24 ceramic curlers of 3 diametersMetal clamps of 3 sizes...
Professional electric curlers Roll'Up 14 (100010)

Professional electric curlers Roll'Up 14 (100010)

Electro rollers Roll'UP 14 from TICO professional. Different diameters of hair curlers in the set allow to create a volumetric hairdress from curls, curls and curls.Product Features:power 400 Won / off buttonstorage space for clampsheating indicator14 ceramic curlers of 4 diametersmetal clamps of 4 ...
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