• Rating:
  • Model:
  • Dryer Type:
  • Power:
    1100 W
  • Airflow:
    62 m3/h
  • Speed settings:
  • Temperature settings:
  • Cold air switch:
  • Nozzles included:
  • Ionic technology:
  • Colour:
  • Cord length:
    1.8 m
  • Dual voltage 110-240 V:
  • Dimensions:
    12.5 x 19.5 x 6.5 cm
  • Weight:
    190 gram

Hair dryer Mini Stratos is a road hair dryer designed specifically for people who like to travel or are on frequent trips. A feature of the model is its power and performance, as well as its miniature dimensions.

Despite its small size, its power can envy the hotel hair dryers, which can often fail. When you bring a Mini Stratos - you will never have problems with drying and styling your hair.

The power of the hair dryer is 1100 W, and the air flow is 62 m3 / h. Such characteristics are not often found among models of this class. The hair dryer uses a proprietary motor with high performance, which provides the model with a powerful airflow. In operation, the dryer is very quiet, and the minimum engine life is 1600 hours.

The case of the model is made of high-quality matte plastic with a special protective coating. In the hand, the model sits confidently and does not slip. Thanks to the proprietary motor and small dimensions, the model weighs only 190 grams, which is even less than some modern phones.

Hair dryer Mini Stratos is a universal hair dryer that can be used in any country of the world thanks to the 110/220 V voltage switching system. Simply rotate the voltage switch located on the handle and the hairdryer is ready for use in the selected network.

In spite of the fact that it is a road hair dryer, a nozzle-concentrator and nozzle-diffuser are included in the package. The nozzle-concentrator has special holes, due to which drying of hair will be fast, and stowage effective.

Features of Mini Stratos:

  • Ultra compact housing
  • Power 1100 W
  • Air flow 62 m3 / h
  • 2 speed and heating modes
  • Long-life branded motor with low noise C
  • A removable grille A 1.8 meter long cord with an eyelet
  • Switching power supply 110 / 220V


  • Concentrator nozzle
  • Diffuser nozzle

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