For more than two decades TICO Professional has been producing professional tools and hair care cosmetics for the hair dressers from the whole world, providing the stylists with goods of the highest quality and enabling them to unfold enthusiasm and creativity. Developing through these years, now TICO Professional range contains of more than 400 items, all designed with the thoughts of hairdressers’ needs and comfort. PROFESSIONALISM AND CARE TICO PROFESSIONAL contributes to global service to stylists, offering a wide range of products, from electrical appliances to hair care cosmetics, TICO Professional electrical appliances cover all professional categories, including hair dryers, straighteners, clippers and trimmers, curling irons etc. All products are created to match your talent and needs, all tested in our technical services and laboratories to provide the best operation.

Our cosmetics range consists of more than 100 items, including coloration, hair care, styling and perm. Care lines are created to fit different hair types and all needs in hairdressing salon. Products are rich with plant extracts, vitamins, essential oils and other hair care complexes. Hair care cosmetic is thoroughly tested to be non-allergic and dermatologically safe. Our research laboratories worldwide are constantly developing new formulas and technologies to make every product more effective and easier to use. Thus, TICO Professional instruments are perfectly adapted to high professional standards and expectations. Working every day on our best, we aim to combine design, perfect performance and innovations and offer special technologies in our product range.

All items of TICO Professional brand meet a lot of levels of observation and control to guarantee high level of operation in your hands. All of our team is full of passion to create new products and lines, and introduce them to hairdressers worldwide. Every day we continue to work with enthusiasm for the hair beauty of today and tomorrow. Join the limitless number of TICO Professional brand fans to gain the pleasure and comfort during your work in salon!